The recipes I make are plant-based, nut free and coloured naturally! Grim Grains aims to make cooking fun, with food that is strange but beautiful.

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Raisin beet bread 60 minutes

Beet and raisin dessert bread is here! It's something that you can have in the morning too, i expected this to be a lot sweeter than it is.

Dark yaki gyoza 70 minutes

Late-night gyoza at izakaya is one of the things i miss the most about living in Tokyo. Maybe not one of the healthiest late night eats but a DELICIOUS one. I recently learned how to make them at home, so it was only natural for me and Devine to try and make our own version. These are very unconventional gyoza, black on the outside and red and orange on the inside.

Candied peanuts 15 minutes

In the mood for a sweet and salty dessert? These candied peanut balls will help satisfy whatever craving you may have.

Carrot biscuits 25 minutes

Warm biscuits are here! Just in time for the holidays! I prepared them with some carrots for added nutrition and colour. These biscuits are very good on their own, but they’re even better served warm with gravy.

Two colour baked polenta 30 minutes

Once in a while I figured i would try and make a favourite recipe black. Because why the hell not? I like there to be variety and fun in the things that i eat, so i separated the recipe in two to make a regular and black polenta. Same taste, more fun!

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