Japan is food heaven for me, whether you're searching for something sweet, savoury or spicy you will find it and it will be delicious.
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Beet onigiri and turmeric tofu 45 minutes

Simple meal idea, make yourself a red onigiri with pan-fried yellow tofu! I don't know about you but eating colourful food cheers me right up, this recipe is also quite healthy and will fill you up! .

Seaweed bites 50 minutes

In the mood for something a bit different? These seaweed bites will do the trick! Highly addictive and sweet enough to have as a desert.

Matcha rice crispy squares 45 minutes

Now you can enjoy a small portion of an old favourite in a refreshing green colour.

Light fruit crumble 5 minutes

Fruit and spices with mashed banana make for a quick and delicious morning treat.

Houjicha overnight oatmeal 30 minutes

Start your morning off right with the nutty, earthy flavour of houjicha oatmeal.

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