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Vegan pimento olive cheese 120 minutes

Last weekend, I attended a nut-free vegan cheese workshop. I've made plantbased cheeses in the past, going to this event was a way to confirm what I knew and to learn new tricks! Having allergies means I can't have nut cheeses, luckily there are always alternatives. The workshop, as well as many of the online recipes I've tried in the past, inspired me to try to make my own cheese. I put olives in everything, so I decided to make a spicy pimento olive cheese! Continue reading...

Salted caramel carob chip cookies 20 minutes

Got up early sunday morning with cookies on my mind. When I peeked into my fridge I spotted a lonely jar of leftover date caramel. It was then that I decided to make some salted caramel cookies with unsweetened carob chips! Continue reading...

Roasted yellow pepper pasta 30 minutes

This weekend I decided to make a batch of black pasta, no better way to serve it than with some roasted yellow pepper sauce. The contrast between the yellow and black is crazy beautiful. Continue reading...

Halloween pumpkin cookies 30 minutes

Halloween is coming up! This blog has a lot of recipes that are perfect for it. Here is a short list of my favourite ones: Black yaki gyoza, Basic black bread and Black pasta. Those recipes weren't holiday-specific, but these cute pumpkin cookies sure are! They're super soft and easy to prepare. Continue reading...

Vegemite caramel 20 minutes

Cadbury released a vegemite chocolate bar earlier this year, as usual I only found out about it this week. I liked the idea so much I decided to make something inspired from it. Ended up making some vegemite caramel. Continue reading...

Fresh pesto pasta 20 minutes

Summer is over, temperature in Montreal started to dip into the lower 20's. Colder times means collecting the remaining fresh herbs from my balcony garden. This year, i'm happy to say, my plants thrived (thank you smart pots). My basil plant was a real beauty, I harvested all I could from it and made pesto, and with the pesto I made this recipe—the perfect way to end the summer. Continue reading...

Sunflower heirloom carrot pasta

Using veggies as noodles in a dish is something I really enjoy doing; it tastes fresh and is ready in a second! Thank you julienne peeler, your precense in my kitchen has made the process of cutting vegetables in thin strips enjoyable.

Mushroom zucchini pasta

As much as i love pasta, i like to vary my food a lot day to day so once in a while I like to make zucchini noodles! They're ready in an instant, and really delicious when topped with a two-mushroom velouté sauce.

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