The recipes I make are vegan, nut free and coloured naturally! Grim Grains aims to make cooking fun, with food that is strange but beautiful.

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Purple soup 40 minutes

Loaded with antioxydants, this soup is gorgeous and crazy healthy! Proved to help decrease blood-pressure and inflammation, purple-coloured ingredients is definitely something you want to include in your diet.

Black sesame yogurt 25 minutes

My perfect dessert almost always includes apples, banana and sesame seeds. This tofu yogurt has all 3 of those!

Black pasta 40 minutes

Black pasta is visually striking, I remember the first time I saw it on a shelf in a grocery store. I didn't know pasta could be that shade. Ever since that time I've been dying to make my own. Happy to say that i can finally cross that off my list of things I want to do.

Baked banana with apple sauce 20 minutes

Baked bananas with a sweet apple sauce. I actually had this for breakfast, although it probably makes a better dessert. It doesn't take very long to make, and it has just the right amount of sweet. These days i put cinnamon in everything, it's basically good with almost ANY fruit.

Avocado carrot sandwich 10 minutes

Because i made a fresh loaf of black bread the other day, it only made sense to make another recipe with it so i made a delicious spicy and lime-infused carrot and avocado sandwich. You could of course make this same recipe with regular bread, but the contrast between the colours probably wont be as interesting.

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