The recipes I make are vegan, nut free and coloured naturally! Grim Grains aims to make cooking fun, with food that is strange but beautiful.

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Persimmon bites 60 minutes

Persimmons are delicious in all forms, fresh, dried, raw or cooked. Before i lived in japan i didn't know this fruit existed. I bought it the first time not knowing what it was, looked up ways to cook it online and have been consumming some regularly since then.

Apples with sweet sesame paste 10 minutes

Black sesame seeds is good in everything, whether you use it in a salad, on rice or in this case in a dessert! When I went to Japan I made a point of finding and trying black sesame ice cream, found some in Asakusa. So happy I got to take a photo of this thing, it was as beautiful as it was delicious. Unfortunately though I don't tolerate dairy very well so it isn't something I would try and re-create exactly at home. What i have been doing though is trying to use sesame seeds to make other desserts.

Borscht with tofu sour cream 60 minutes

Funny to think that when i was a kid, i didn't want to go anywhere near beets. For the longest time it was this thing that my family served around xmas time and that i didn't like. How things change! I buy beets regularly now, to make pasta sauce, to serve over salads, to mix into smoothies and now to make Borscht!

Spinach oatmeal cookies 20 minutes

Wanted to make green cookies, didn't know what i wanted in them but i knew i wanted THAT colour. Spinach was an obvious choice, plus i had some left-over from yesterday. Huzzah!

Ginger miso rusk 50 minutes

I don't eat baguettes very often, when I do it's usually as an accompaniment to soup or when I get a sudden vampirical craving for végé paté. Since we're only two we never go through the whole thing in one sitting, this results in the bread going stale and ever so unpleasant over the next few days and then neither of us want to touch it. It lies there judgingly, growing stiffer with every passing day and haunting me with memories of its former deliciousness

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