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Wasabi swirl chocolate cookies 30 minutes

Black sesame chocolate cookies with a wasabi glaze? Yep you heard right! Continue reading...

Anise bread with sweet pear sauce 40 minutes

It's mini loaf craze! Love baking with the mini pans I bought recently. Been making mini everything. This time i made some anise bread topped with a sweet sauce loaded with pear chunks. Continue reading...

Latkes with maple miso apple sauce 30 minutes

Make latkes with just two ingredients: Potatoes and onions! The toppings are the ones that will add all of the flavour, the latkes I made are topped with balsamic marinated beets and maple-miso apple sauce. Continue reading...

Black sesame ice cream bars 120 minutes

Black sesame ice cream bars are a great way to kick off summer, sweet, nutty and refreshing! Continue reading...

Uzumaki hummus bites 50 minutes

Beet hummus bites or 'uzumaki' bites as i like to call them! Roasted beet hummus, black olives and aragula salad tucked into homemade bamboo charcoal tortillas. Continue reading...

Mini mulberry loaves 45 minutes

As you know i don't like to make big dessert recipes, i like to have some for a few days at a time. Bought some mini bread pans and made these cute mulberry mini loaves! Continue reading...

Simple doctor who cake

I hardly ever bake cakes, to be honest this was my first 'traditional cake'.

zesty tamarind muffin in a jar

A jar muffin is a perfect and simple way to satisfy a sudden craving for desert, hard to go wrong with orange and tamarind.

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