Dark plant-based and nut-free cookery.

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Curried pumpkin seed pate 60 minutes

This time last year Grim Grains was born. If you were there at the start of it all you'll remember that the first recipe I posted was black scones (my lovely eatable meteorites). Cooking had become a passion, this blog needed to happen. I was freelancing back then and had a lot of time to dedicate to the project, nowadays I work in studio all day and finding time to cook up new foods is tough. Because of this my meals have become simpler. I feel my meals will continue to be simple due to the fact that me and Devine will be embarking on an exciting new adventure next year- We want to live on a sailboat. If you've ever been on one you know that space is an issue. I'm not only talking about storage but also about refrigeration. Grim Grains will still happen but will be very different at this point I imagine. Hopefully i'll still be able to make my own pâté.
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Balsamic banana ice cream 120 minutes

When it comes to plant-based cold desserts Montreal has a lot of options. The places I tried are all within walking distance, because generally when I want ice cream i don't want to have to go far to get it. Luckily, the 2 places that are near my home offer dairy-free options, though often this means sorbet. While I like sorbet, the flavours are rarely as creative as milk-based ice creams. When i don't want sorbet I just make my own ice cream at home. I have many other ice cream recipes on this blog but some of them require a bit more waiting time and effort, which admittedly I don't always care for. Banana ice cream to the rescue! A delicious and simple alternative to dairy or coconut based desserts.
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Carrot kinpira onigirazu 20 minutes

Even if I don't live in Tokyo anymore I try and keep up with what's happening over there. I still follow the news and try totranslate some simple texts to see how many kanji i've forgotten. My favourite kanji is the one for bone "骨" (pronounced 'ho-ne'). I also love the kanji combination for jellyfish or "水母" (pronounced 'ku-ra-ge') which beautifully translates to water mother. These two words come together to create this expression "水母の骨" or "jellyfish bones". It is used when talking about something that you would not expect to exist like bones in a jellyfish. I could go on but seeing as how this has nothing to with food here goes - The recipe i'm sharing with you today is japanese inspired and is also currently part of a craze over there. I made some onigirazu a sort of hybrid japanese rice ball sandwich.
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Sunflower heirloom carrot pasta 20 minutes

Using veggies as noodles in a dish is something I really enjoy doing; it tastes fresh and is ready in a second! Thank you julienne peeler your precense in my kitchen has made the process of cutting vegetables in thin strips enjoyable. Spending the greater part of an evening cutting daikon or cucumbers thinly by hand are now thankfully nothing but a distant memory. Brought home a bag full of beautiful heirloom carrots from Jean-Talon market last weekend. I've been using them in meals all week - Carrot ginger soup sour pickled carrots baked in a lentil loaf etc. Heirloom carrots come in a wide variety of colours; the yellow ones I thought resembled pasta. Thus came the idea for heirloom carrot pasta!
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Hop ice cream 600 minutes

Summers in Montreal go hand in hand with beer there is such a wide variety of brews here. My corner store has a TON most are made locally too. Me and Devine like craft beer a lot hard to not drink everyday. To help satisfy our evergrowing craving I decided to try and make hop flavoured ice cream!
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Mango ice cream with black sesame syrup 120 minutes

Fancy it up with some easy-to-prepare mango ice cream and black sesame syrup! Made using only 4 ingredients. For colour enthusiasts!
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Black burger buns 60 minutes

Simple black burger buns with white sesame seeds ready in under 1 hour! Made with bamboo charcoal powder.
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Wasabi swirl chocolate cookies 30 minutes

Black sesame chocolate cookies with a wasabi glaze? Yep you heard right!
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Anise bread with sweet pear sauce 40 minutes

It's mini loaf craze! Love baking with the mini pans I bought recently. Been making mini everything. This time i made some anise bread topped with a sweet sauce loaded with pear chunks.
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Black sesame ice cream bars 120 minutes

Black sesame ice cream bars because it's starting to get warmer in Montreal! And i want something sweet nutty refreshing and BLACK to eat!
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