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Anise bread with sweet pear sauce 40 minutes

It's mini loaf craze! Love baking with the mini pans I bought recently. Been making mini everything. This time i made some anise bread topped with a sweet sauce loaded with pear chunks.
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Latkes with maple miso apple sauce 30 minutes

Make latkes with just two ingredients - Potatoes and onions! The toppings are the ones that will add all of the flavour the latkes I made are topped with balsamic marinated beets and maple-miso apple sauce.
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Black sesame ice cream bars 120 minutes

Black sesame ice cream bars because it's starting to get warmer in Montreal! And i want something sweet nutty refreshing and BLACK to eat!
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Uzumaki hummus bites 50 minutes

Beet hummus bites or 'uzumaki' bites as i like to call them! Roasted beet hummus black olives and aragula salad tucked into homemade bamboo charcoal tortillas.
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Flautas de coliflor 30 minutes

Flautas de coliflor or 'Cauliflower flutes'! Yet another dish of mexican inspiration curried cauliflower wrapped in corn tortillas and draped with an avocado coriander sauce. The flutes are also topped with some roasted thyme pumpkin bits.
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Panko chickpea fingers 90 minutes

Was in the mood for some panko! Didn't have tofu but what I DID have was a jar full of chickpea flour. Made a batch of spicy green scallion chickpea tofu and coated it with home made bread crumbs to make baked panko chickpea fingers!
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Black french toast 20 minutes

I baked a beautiful loaf of black sandwich bread JUST to use in this recipe. I mean doesn't the idea of black french toast sound amazing? With a banana-base and topped with freshly cut kiwi slices no less!
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Chili pomegranate brownies 60 minutes

Making brownies has been on my mind for some time i finally settled for spicy brownies with sweet and spicy pomegranate syrup!
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Wakame savoury pie 60 minutes

While i did not intend on making this for Pi day i actually did make the recipe on march 14th. So I unintentionally contributed to the pi day celebration. You could say I'm 'unwillfully aware'. Awareness aside this savoury black-crusted quiche with a wakame cheesy filling is easy to make!
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Green chile mac n cheese 40 minutes

It's Macaroni and Cheese week in Montreal! As good a reason as any to make some at home. My mac n 'cheese' has whole grain macaroni noodles served with a faux-cheese consisting of golden beets roasted red peppers nutritional yeast and other delicious ingredients. Also topped with some roasted green chiles for a bit of a kick!
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