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Avocado carrot sandwich 10 minutes

Because i made a fresh loaf of black bread the other day it only made sense to make another recipe with it so i made a delicious spicy and lime-infused carrot and avocado sandwich.

Before I started to make this I was just thinking from a colour perspective i knew I wanted some orange in it and i had just purchased a fresh bag of carrots that same morning. I wanted layering colours so then i opted for avocado. A lot of times when i'm planning recipes I just think of what colours i want present and then try and find foods that fit only then do i start thinking about flavourings.

I wanted something spicy and i love the lime/avocado mix so that's how it started. Planning recipes according to colour is important it creates more variety in your meal. The colours don't always have to contrast each other i wouldnt mind having an all-green sandwich (future recipe maybe? ).

It really depends how i feel i wouldnt mind having an all-green sandwich (future recipe maybe? ).

It really depends how i feel and now since the leaves are starting to turn bright orange and red colours I like to have warm colours present in my meals.


Spicy carrot filling

sriracha1 tspbrown sugar1 tspsmoked paprika1/2 tspcarrot1, grated

Avocado filling

avocado1lemon juice1 tbspspinachhandfulsea saltpinchblack pepperpinch

    2 servings

  • Grate 1 carrot and put in a small bowl, mix in the tsp of sriracha, 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika with the tsp of brown sugar together. Set aside.
  • Mash your avocado with a fork until it becomes a puree. Stir in 1 tbsp of lemon juice as well as the sea salt and black pepper.
  • Use the carrot mix as a spread for your sandwich, lay on some raw spinach leaves on top and then add a generous serving of the avocado puree on top.
  • This sandwich is especially beautiful with slices of black bread, please refer to my no knead black bread recipe to make one of your own!
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Basic black bread

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No knead black bread

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