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Charcoal toothpaste 5 minutes

I've always liked making things from scratch, especially when i'm cooking. I enjoy the process, making it myself means that i can control the quality and quantity of each ingredient. In the last couple of years I've removed most pre-made cleaning and hygiene products from my life. I make my own shampoo, deodorant, toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner... I also make my own toothpaste.
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Roasted yellow pepper pasta 30 minutes

This weekend I decided to make a batch of black pasta, and served it with some roasted yellow pepper sauce. The contrast between the yellow and black is so fun, i feel like a mad scientist when i add bamboo charcoal in my food.
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Black burger buns 60 minutes

Simple black burger buns with white sesame seeds ready in under 1 hour! Made with bamboo charcoal powder.
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Black french toast 20 minutes

I baked a beautiful loaf of black sandwich bread JUST to use in this recipe. I mean doesn't the idea of black french toast sound amazing? With a banana-base and topped with freshly cut kiwi slices no less!
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Mango sesame rice pancakes 20 minutes

Worry not that gooey yellow mass is not cheese. It's pureed Mango! HO YES...! Black sesame rice pancakes with a generous dollop of mango because sometimes we all need a break from maple syrup.
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Sweet mock eel nigiri 50 minutes

I've had the image of a black nigiri on my mind for some time. It's been sitting there in my list of ideas for months couldn't think of anything original to top it off with. Then a little while ago i found out about Burmese tofu or \"Shan tofu\" and i went THAT! THAT'S what i need sitting on my black rice! Then voilĂ  the burmese tofu nigiri was born.
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Roasted beet lentils 60 minutes

I wasn't always a fan of beets i started to like it when I realized they were absolutely delicious oven-roasted. Since i've discovered this i've been making recipes with it almost every week. Including this simple and amazingly delicious beet sauce!
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Black gnocchi 60 minutes

A few weeks ago I asked people what they wanted to see me cook some of you asked for black gnocchi so here they are! Made completely from scratch... beautiful and black with a light and sweet sauce topped with fresh scallions and daikon!
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Basic black bread 140 minutes

Introducing my basic black bread recipe. This bread is super light and fluffy great for morning toast or sandwiches.
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Dark yaki gyoza 60 minutes

Late-night gyoza at izakaya is one of the things i miss the most about living in Tokyo. Maybe not one of the healthiest late night eats but a DELICIOUS one. I recently learned how to make them at home so it was only natural for me and Devine to try and make our own version. These are very unconventional gyoza black on the outside and red and orange on the inside.
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Black sesame brittle 20 minutes

Sesame brittle always looks impressive when served over desserts. They look like pieces of coral. If you like the nutty taste of sesame seeds with a bit of sweet you will love this recipe.
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