Black pasta

60 minutes - 6 servings 1w

Black pasta is visually striking. I remember the first time I saw it on a shelf, in a grocery store. Ever since then, I've been dying to make my own. Happy to say that i can finally cross that off my list!

Making fresh pasta at home is easy, it doesn't require a lot of preparation. It's something you can do on a weekend. Kneading dough is relaxing, just put some music on, pour yourself a glass of wine and start cooking! It's something you can do by yourself, but it's actually cool to do with a friend. Me and Devine made these while our friend Max was around.

The secret ingredient to making black pasta, is Bamboo Charcoal powder. It's seldomly used to make pasta, most of the time people will use squid ink. While it's harder to find, it works better in pasta as it will not alter the taste or smell of your dough. You can also make black pasta with black rice, although the consistency and ingredients are very different.

To make pasta, I use a pasta machine but you can easily do it by hand, using just a rolling pin and a knife. I've made pasta using both methods, it's good to try by hand first. Your first batch may not be perfect, but that's ok! You'll only get better with practice! It doesn't really matter anyway if they're uneven, your noodles will still be delicious. The more batches you make, the better they'll get!



Wheat semolina2 cupsWhole wheat flour3/4 cupBamboo charcoal powder1 tbspWheat semolina2 cupsWhole wheat flour3/4 cupBamboo charcoal powder1 tbsp


Preparing the dough

Mix 2 cups of wheat semolina, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1 tbsp of bamboo charcoal powder in a bowl.Prepare a bowl of water, keep it close by. Add water to the flour mix gradually, a tablespoon at a time.Keep adding water until your dough comes together. Your dough should be moist, but not too sticky, add more if needed.Knead until your dough is smooth, then form into a ball. Cut your dough into quarters. Cover, and let it rest for 30 minutes.

With pasta machine

Roll out the dough to your desired thickness using your pasta machine. Run the dough about 5-6 times, running it over the largest setting first, and then working your way down to a thinner setting. I went a knotch before the thinnest setting.Once your dough is nice and flat, dust it with some extra flour and run it through the linguini or spaghetti setting. If you don't use enough flour, your dough may stick inside the mechanism of your pasta machine and will make the process difficult. You can catch the noodles that are coming out with a chopstick, this will keep them from trying to stick together.If your dough still feels moist, add more flour. If they're too moist they will stick together, we don't want this. Once they've been dusted with enough flour, separate into 6 portions and fold each one over itself once, and then again to make a small bundle.Let dry for 30 minutes.

Using a rolling pin

Roll out each quarter of dough to your desired thickness. Sprinkle extra flour if dough sticks to your rolling pin.Fold each pasta sheet over itself a few times, again dusting it with enough flour so it doesn't stick. Folding makes it easier to cut, and your noodles will be more even as a result.Make wider cuts for linguini, thinner for spaghetti etc. If it's your first time making pasta by hand, make linguini. Making consistenly thin noodles is tough, i don't recommend it on your first try.If your dough still feels moist, add more flour. If they're too moist they will stick together, we don't want this. Once they've been dusted with enough flour, separate into 6 portions and fold each one over itself once, and then again to make a small bundle.Let dry for 30 minutes.


If you want to have your fresh pasta right away, bring a pot of water to a boil. Cook for approximately 3 minutes, fresh pasta cooks a lot faster than the dry kind.


Transfer to a freezer bag. I like to use little pieces of parchment paper to keep the fresh pasta bundles separated.


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