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Beer bread 60 minutes

The idea of making beer bread came from a book i'm reading by Lin Pardey called "The Care and Feeding of the Offshore Crew". In this book Lin talks about her experience cooking at sea, and has an entire chapter dedicated to baking onboard. In this chapter she talks about many ways to make fresh bread while sailing, including a quickbread recipe that uses 3 basic ingredients, flour, sugar and beer.
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Black burger buns 60 minutes

Simple black burger buns with white sesame seeds ready in under 1 hour! Made with bamboo charcoal powder.
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Black french toast 20 minutes

I baked a beautiful loaf of black sandwich bread JUST to use in this recipe. I mean doesn't the idea of black french toast sound amazing? With a banana-base and topped with freshly cut kiwi slices no less!
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Heart beet bagels 120 minutes

These beautiful heart beet bagels can be made for valentine's day but imagine how great a thing it would be to make these for someone you care about on a random day for no specific reason. We shouldn't wait for special occasions to cook amazing food for the people we love. Make some pink bagels today just because!
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Basic black bread 140 minutes

Introducing my basic black bread recipe. This bread is super light and fluffy great for morning toast or sandwiches.
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Mason jar bread pudding 30 minutes

Bread pudding was one of my favourite desserts when I was a kid. We would usually have some after the holidays since that was the time where we could get the most left-over bread crusts. All thanks to my aunt's crust-less sandwiches! She would usually just give the bag of crusts to my mom which she in turn used to make bread pudding :).
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Raisin beet bread 60 minutes

I present to you a sweet bread that you can have in the morning for breakfast, or as a dessert.
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Kuro pretzels 130 minutes

I don't really buy bread anymore since i've discovered the joys of home-baking but i still like to go to my neighbourhood bakery to get ideas and inspiration. My latest bread experiment is pretzels.
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Avocado carrot sandwich 10 minutes

Because i made a fresh loaf of black bread the other day it only made sense to make another recipe with it so i made a delicious spicy and lime-infused carrot and avocado sandwich.
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No knead black bread 60 minutes

This beautiful black loaf of bread is what inspired this website it took me a while to get my hands on some bamboo charcoal powder but now that i have it i will be baking a ton of these. Some months ago I stumbled upon an image of an all-black loaf I didn't know you could get bread to be that dark. I tasted some squid ink in japan before in pasta and in korean gimbap so I assumed that's what they had used. Using squid ink to tint food wasn't particularly appealing to me so I was happy when i learned about Bamboo charcoal.
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