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Chili pomegranate brownies 60 minutes

Making brownies has been on my mind for some time i finally settled for spicy brownies with sweet and spicy pomegranate syrup!

It took me a LONG time to finally decide on a certain mix of ingredients/flavours. I've had recipe notes lying around on my desktop for a couple of months with ingredients added or scratched off. Nothing was special enough.

I would probably still be hesitating on making this dessert if it hadn't been for Devine. His birthday was coming up so I asked him what he wanted as special dessert without hesitation he said \"BROWNIES\".

Because i'm still very much a brownie noob I adapted the recipe from Joanne Gallagher's fantastic blog Inspired taste. I'm not a good enough cook to just freestyle brownies using her recipe as a base (for quantities especially) helped me out a lot. At least i can get a good idea of how many 'wet' elements I need as well as the right amount of fat and sweet.

SO then i needed to make up my mind! Spent time thinking about what i wanted it to look like and how i wanted to present it. Didn't want an extra chocolate topping i've never been a fan of double-chocolate anything. I at least knew i wanted a fruit topping and that I wanted to use a fruit that I haven't yet made recipes with.

Originally i wanted to make the brownies in a cake pan to have it 'round' and then to possibly decorate it with powdered sugar patterns using stencils. Then I stumbled upon a recipe online for fish based dish where they used a pomegranate syrup as garnish. Id never made syrup before but i knew that's what i wanted as a 'coulis' over my brownies.

I scrapped the round cake pan idea as well as the powdered sugar but i knew that's what i wanted as a 'coulis' over my brownies.

I scrapped the round cake pan idea as well as the powdered sugar my brownies were going to be topped with fresh pomegranate seeds and a pomegranate syrup coulis!

Again something was missing...

I had some really good spicy chocolate fleur de sel cookies last year at the studio where I used to work. The idea of putting chili peppers in cookies or cake had never ocurred to me before. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and the chocolate and chili mix is just *drools*. Lindt makes dark chocolate with chili peppers too I guess it was inspired off of those 2 things.

I put a LOT of chili pepper flakes in these haha... i have a higher tolerance to it but if you don't feel free to put less. The syrup has a fair amount in it too if you're worried about the level of spicy you can actually not put it in the brownie batter but just infused in the pomegranate syrup.

These were a big success Devine loved them :)! I cut them into 24 small squares but feel free to make larger blocks. Smaller portions means you can have some longer :D.... i like the idea of that personally!

In this recipe I substituted half of the fat for pureed pumpkin. In brownies you can only substitute half the amount


pumpkin1/3 cupflax seeds3 tbspwater9 tbspvegan butter5 tbsp, earth balancewhole cane sugar3/4 cupcocoa powder3/4 cupsea salt1/4 tspall purpose flour1/2 cupchili pepper flakes2 tbspcayenne pepper1 tsp


pomegranate juice2 cupssugar3/4 cupchili pepper flakes1 tspcayenne pepper1 tsp


pomegranate seeds1 cup

    24 servings

  • Preheat oven to 325F.
  • Cut 1/3 cup's worth of pumpkin, steam until softened and process into a puree with an immersion blender.
  • Put 3 tbsp ground flax seeds in a bowl with 9 tbsp water, let thicken for 5 minutes. Set aside.
  • Put 5 tbsp of vegan butter, 5 tbsp of pumpkin puree, 3/4 cup whole cane sugar, 3/4 cup cocoa powder and a 1/4 tsp sea salt in a pan over medium to low heat. Stir until the butter is melted and all is well mixed.
  • Stir in the flax 'eggs', as well as the 2 tbsp of red pepper flakes* and 1 tsp cayenne powder. Add 1/2 cup of all purpose flour, mixing vigorously. Mixture should be very thick, but if it doesn't pour easily mix in water 1 tbsp at a time until it's at the right consistency.
  • Pour into a 8X8 baking dish lined with parchment papper, flatten with the back of a spoon to even it out. Bake for 25 minutes, until toothpick comes out clean. Let cool. Cut in 24 small squares.


  • Put 2 cups of unsweetened pomegranate juice into a pot with 1 tsp red pepper flakes and 1 tsp cayenne. Bring to a boil, lower to medium-high heat and leave for up to 1h or until liquid has been reduced to 1 cup.
  • Let cool, the syrup will thicken when cooled. Top brownies with fresh pomegranate seeds and drizzle with the chili-infused syrup!

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