Spinach faux cheese ravioli

40 minutes - 2 people 1l2rv1ov1of

We have arrived in New Zealand, the land of plenty. All of the foods that we like and miss are here. Foods like nutritional yeast, miso and soba (to name a few). With a fully re-stocked pantry, I started to make faux-cheese again, a recipe from Vegan Richa that is simple to make and that I love. The recipe is for a cheese that can be cut into wedges, or that can be grated over pizza. I had an idea to use this recipe to make filling for ravioli, the difference being that I won't add any agar agar (a seaweed based powder that makes liquids jellify). Making your own dough is simple, the whole process will take you less than 40 minutes.

I got the idea to make ravioli from an old 70's book about the cooking of Italy. This book is one of many that we found in a thrift shop here in Whangarei; we bought all the ones that we could find. Devine & I like picking through them, drawing inspiration from the images and ingredients.

A lot of the recipes in these books use meat and dairy, but it's easy to swap these ingredients out for something else. In New Zealand, the groceries are plentiful and finding everything we need is a breeze. We hope you enjoy this recipe, and that you try and make Richa's original pepper jack cheese recipe too.



Chickpea flour1 tbspNutritional yeast1 tbspArrowroot starch1.5 tbspGarlic powder1/4 tspOnion powder1/4 tspChili pepper flakes1.5 tspSaltdashSpinach1/2 cup, choppedLemon juice1 tspApple cider vinegar1/2 tspSoy milk3/4 cupChickpea flour1 tbspNutritional yeast1 tbspArrowroot starch1.5 tbspGarlic powder1/4 tspOnion powder1/4 tspChili pepper flakes1.5 tspSaltdashSpinach1/2 cup, choppedLemon juice1 tspApple cider vinegar1/2 tspSoy milk3/4 cup


All purpose flour1 cupWater2/3 cupSalt1/2 tspAll purpose flour1 cupWater2/3 cupSalt1/2 tsp


For the filling, mix all of the dry ingredients into a bowl, then add all the wet ones (including the spinach) and stir well until evenly mixed.Heat a pan at medium heat, pour the filling into it. The mixture will thicken, when it does, transfer it back to a bowl and keep it aside for later.To make the dough, mix 1/2 tsp of salt with 1 cup of flour. Add 2/3 cup of water, knead the dough on a floured surface, working in some extra flour if the dough is too sticky. Once you have a smooth ball of dough, wrap it up and let it rest for at least 10 minutes.Divide the dough into two pieces, and roll out the first half of the dough to make it as thin as possible (and as rectangular as possible). Roll out the second piece of dough into a similar size and thickess.On the first sheet of pasta, place a mound of filling of the faux-cheese and spinach mixture every 2 inches across and down the pasta (spaced out to look like a checker board).Dip your finger into a bowl of water and make a line inbetween each row of filling (the water acts as a bond to hold the ravioli together).Place the second sheet of rolled-out pasta on top of the first one, pressing down firmly around the filling and along the wetted lines.With a knife (or ravioli cutter, if you feel fancy), cut the pasta into squares along the wetted lines. Keep separated pieces of ravioli aside.Bring a pot of water to a boil, and add the ravioli. Stir them gently to keep them from sticking to another another or on the bottom of the pot. Cook for 7-8 minutes or until tender.Serve with a light sauce, we made one with chilis, fresh basil and olive oil. A light tomato sauce would also be delicious. Enjoy.


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