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Halloween pumpkin cookies 30 minutes

Halloween is coming up! This blog has a lot of recipes that are perfect for it. Here is a short list of my favourite ones - Black yaki gyoza Basic black bread and Black pasta. Those recipes weren't holiday-specific but these cute pumpkin cookies sure are! They're super soft and easy to prepare.
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Vegemite caramel 20 minutes

Cadbury released a vegemite chocolate bar earlier this year, as usual I only found out about it this week. I liked the idea so much I decided to make something inspired from it. Ended up making some vegemite caramel.
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Balsamic banana ice cream 120 minutes

When it comes to plant-based cold desserts Montreal has a lot of options. The places I tried are all within walking distance, because generally when I want ice cream i don't want to have to go far to get it. Luckily, the 2 places that are near my home offer dairy-free options, though often this means sorbet. While I like sorbet, the flavours are rarely as creative as milk-based ice creams. When i don't want sorbet I just make my own ice cream at home. I have many other ice cream recipes on this blog but some of them require a bit more waiting time and effort, which admittedly I don't always care for. Banana ice cream to the rescue! A delicious and simple alternative to dairy or coconut based desserts.
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Hop ice cream 600 minutes

Summers in Montreal go hand in hand with beer there is such a wide variety of brews here. My corner store has a TON most are made locally too. Me and Devine like craft beer a lot hard to not drink everyday. To help satisfy our evergrowing craving I decided to try and make hop flavoured ice cream!
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Mango ice cream with black sesame syrup 120 minutes

Fancy it up with some easy-to-prepare mango ice cream and black sesame syrup! Made using only 4 ingredients. For colour enthusiasts!
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Wasabi swirl chocolate cookies 30 minutes

Black sesame chocolate cookies with a wasabi glaze? Yep you heard right!
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Anise bread with sweet pear sauce 40 minutes

It's mini loaf craze! Love baking with the mini pans I bought recently. Been making mini everything. This time i made some anise bread topped with a sweet sauce loaded with pear chunks.
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Black sesame ice cream bars 120 minutes

Black sesame ice cream bars because it's starting to get warmer in Montreal! And i want something sweet nutty refreshing and BLACK to eat!
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Chili pomegranate brownies 60 minutes

Making brownies has been on my mind for some time i finally settled for spicy brownies with sweet and spicy pomegranate syrup!
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Mango sesame rice pancakes 20 minutes

Worry not that gooey yellow mass is not cheese. It's pureed Mango! HO YES...! Black sesame rice pancakes with a generous dollop of mango because sometimes we all need a break from maple syrup.
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Savoury turmeric cookies 30 minutes

Sweet and savoury turmeric spiced cookies are as delicious as they sound. These yellow treats will help brighten up cold and grey winter days.
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