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Hijiki soba 40 minutes

After Japan opened itself to the world over a hundred years ago, japanese cooks began to adapt western dishes in their own style. For instance in the west, people use ketchup as a condiment but the japanese use it as a base for tomato sauces in 'Naporitan' pasta. Spaghetti 'Naporitan' was created just after world war 2 after Shigetada (the head chef at the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama) saw occupying soldiers eating it. Nowadays you can find spaghetti seasoned with soy sauce and served with seaweed. I have always been a huge fan of japanese-style pasta.
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Fresh pesto pasta 20 minutes

Summer is over temperature in Montreal started to dip into the lower 20's. Colder times means collecting the remaining fresh herbs from my balcony garden. This year i'm happy to say my plants thrived (thank you smart pots). My basil plant was a real beauty I harvested all I could from it and made pesto and with the pesto I made this recipe—the perfect way to end the summer.
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Curried pumpkin seed pate 60 minutes

This time last year Grim Grains was born. If you were there at the start of it all you'll remember that the first recipe I posted was black scones (my lovely eatable meteorites). Cooking had become a passion, this blog needed to happen. I was freelancing back then and had a lot of time to dedicate to the project, nowadays I work in studio all day and finding time to cook up new foods is tough. Because of this my meals have become simpler. I feel my meals will continue to be simple due to the fact that me and Devine will be embarking on an exciting new adventure next year- We want to live on a sailboat. If you've ever been on one you know that space is an issue. I'm not only talking about storage but also about refrigeration. Grim Grains will still happen but will be very different at this point I imagine. Hopefully i'll still be able to make my own pâté.
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Sunflower heirloom carrot pasta 20 minutes

Using veggies as noodles in a dish is something I really enjoy doing; it tastes fresh and is ready in a second! Thank you julienne peeler your precense in my kitchen has made the process of cutting vegetables in thin strips enjoyable. Spending the greater part of an evening cutting daikon or cucumbers thinly by hand are now thankfully nothing but a distant memory. Brought home a bag full of beautiful heirloom carrots from Jean-Talon market last weekend. I've been using them in meals all week - Carrot ginger soup sour pickled carrots baked in a lentil loaf etc. Heirloom carrots come in a wide variety of colours; the yellow ones I thought resembled pasta. Thus came the idea for heirloom carrot pasta!
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Uzumaki hummus bites 50 minutes

Beet hummus bites or 'uzumaki' bites as i like to call them! Roasted beet hummus black olives and aragula salad tucked into homemade bamboo charcoal tortillas.
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Flautas de coliflor 30 minutes

Flautas de coliflor or 'Cauliflower flutes'! Yet another dish of mexican inspiration curried cauliflower wrapped in corn tortillas and draped with an avocado coriander sauce. The flutes are also topped with some roasted thyme pumpkin bits.
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Panko chickpea fingers 90 minutes

Was in the mood for some panko! Didn't have tofu but what I DID have was a jar full of chickpea flour. Made a batch of spicy green scallion chickpea tofu and coated it with home made bread crumbs to make baked panko chickpea fingers!
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Green chile mac n cheese 40 minutes

It's Macaroni and Cheese week in Montreal! As good a reason as any to make some at home. My mac n 'cheese' has whole grain macaroni noodles served with a faux-cheese consisting of golden beets roasted red peppers nutritional yeast and other delicious ingredients. Also topped with some roasted green chiles for a bit of a kick!
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Pate chinois 40 minutes

Whenever i ask Devine what he wants to eat first he'll say pasta. I don't always say yes to this not unless i want to eat pasta everyday. Secondly he'll ask for Pâté Chinois. Which for me is always hard to say no to so i succumb... peek into the fridge and see what variation of it i can make. Thankfully it's a super versatile dish! With layers consisting of tofu and burmese tofu green peas and sweet potato/cauliflower you can't go wrong.
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Mushroom zucchini pasta 20 minutes

As much as i love pasta i like to vary my food a lot day to day so once in a while I like to make zucchini noodles! They're ready in an instant and really delicious when topped with a two-mushroom velouté sauce. This meal is also green on green most of the ingredients are different shades of the same colour.
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Sweet mock eel nigiri 50 minutes

I've had the image of a black nigiri on my mind for some time. It's been sitting there in my list of ideas for months couldn't think of anything original to top it off with. Then a little while ago i found out about Burmese tofu or \"Shan tofu\" and i went THAT! THAT'S what i need sitting on my black rice! Then voilà the burmese tofu nigiri was born.
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