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Hijiki soba 40 minutes

After Japan opened itself to the world over a hundred years ago, japanese cooks began to adapt western dishes in their own style. For instance in the west, people use ketchup as a condiment but the japanese use it as a base for tomato sauces in 'Naporitan' pasta. Spaghetti 'Naporitan' was created just after world war 2 after Shigetada (the head chef at the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama) saw occupying soldiers eating it. Nowadays you can find spaghetti seasoned with soy sauce and served with seaweed. I have always been a huge fan of japanese-style pasta.
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Carrot kinpira onigirazu 20 minutes

Even if I don't live in Tokyo anymore I try and keep up with what's happening over there. I still follow the news and try totranslate some simple texts to see how many kanji i've forgotten. My favourite kanji is the one for bone "骨" (pronounced 'ho-ne'). I also love the kanji combination for jellyfish or "水母" (pronounced 'ku-ra-ge') which beautifully translates to water mother. These two words come together to create this expression "水母の骨" or "jellyfish bones". It is used when talking about something that you would not expect to exist like bones in a jellyfish. I could go on but seeing as how this has nothing to with food here goes - The recipe i'm sharing with you today is japanese inspired and is also currently part of a craze over there. I made some onigirazu a sort of hybrid japanese rice ball sandwich.
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Mushroom zucchini pasta 20 minutes

As much as i love pasta i like to vary my food a lot day to day so once in a while I like to make zucchini noodles! They're ready in an instant and really delicious when topped with a two-mushroom velouté sauce. This meal is also green on green most of the ingredients are different shades of the same colour.
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Sweet mock eel nigiri 50 minutes

I've had the image of a black nigiri on my mind for some time. It's been sitting there in my list of ideas for months couldn't think of anything original to top it off with. Then a little while ago i found out about Burmese tofu or \"Shan tofu\" and i went THAT! THAT'S what i need sitting on my black rice! Then voilà the burmese tofu nigiri was born.
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Shichimi togarashi crackers 40 minutes

Japanese konbini always have a ton of fun flavours for crackers and chips. Anything shiso or ume flavoured would be insta-buys for me i remember one that had a mix of wasabi and ume <3. Stuff like that isn't as available in Montreal as they are over there but at least you can find other things like shichimi togarashi! If you like spicy snacks this is for you!
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Miso veggie pate 60 minutes

Végé pâté is a quebec staple food, it's one of those things that you never think to make yourself. Every picnic i had this summer included this, it's great with veggies, on crackers and in sandwiches too. Purchasing it pre-made can get expensive, and not all kinds are good so i this summer i decided to make it myself.
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Matcha pancakes 30 minutes

Have some green pancakes for breakfast or dessert. Who said pancakes absolutely need to be a morning thing? This recipe isn't too sweet seeing as how the topping is made with apples and spinach! The taste will surprise you!
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Houjicha overnight oatmeal 10 minutes

Start your morning off right with the nutty earthy flavour of houjicha oatmeal. If you're not familiar with houjicha visit a tea shop and ask for it. It's a japanese roasted tea that is often served with sweet and savoury dishes. It's a good low-caffeine alternative to most teas it adds just the right amount of flavour to oatmeal without overpowering it. Try it!
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