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Black french toast 20 minutes

I baked a beautiful loaf of black sandwich bread JUST to use in this recipe. I mean doesn't the idea of black french toast sound amazing? With a banana-base and topped with freshly cut kiwi slices no less!
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Mango sesame rice pancakes 20 minutes

Worry not that gooey yellow mass is not cheese. It's pureed Mango! HO YES...! Black sesame rice pancakes with a generous dollop of mango because sometimes we all need a break from maple syrup.
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Heart beet bagels 120 minutes

These beautiful heart beet bagels can be made for valentine's day but imagine how great a thing it would be to make these for someone you care about on a random day for no specific reason. We shouldn't wait for special occasions to cook amazing food for the people we love. Make some pink bagels today just because!
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Raisin beet bread 60 minutes

I present to you a sweet bread that you can have in the morning for breakfast, or as a dessert.
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Matcha pancakes 30 minutes

Have some green pancakes for breakfast or dessert. Who said pancakes absolutely need to be a morning thing? This recipe isn't too sweet seeing as how the topping is made with apples and spinach! The taste will surprise you!
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Overnight banana spinach oatmeal 10 minutes

I bet you all remember the scene in the movie Hook when the lost boys are sitting in front of an invisible buffet trying to make Peter understand that he needs to imagine there is food on the table. The moment when that little switch turns in his head and he sees the feast i've been fantasizing over that scene for years. Strange playdoh-like food varying in colour texture and shape. I've been wanting to re-create that buffet to make something bizzare yet eatable and delicious.
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Houjicha overnight oatmeal 10 minutes

Start your morning off right with the nutty earthy flavour of houjicha oatmeal. If you're not familiar with houjicha visit a tea shop and ask for it. It's a japanese roasted tea that is often served with sweet and savoury dishes. It's a good low-caffeine alternative to most teas it adds just the right amount of flavour to oatmeal without overpowering it. Try it!
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