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Hijiki soba 40 minutes

After Japan opened itself to the world over a hundred years ago, japanese cooks began to adapt western dishes in their own style. For instance in the west, people use ketchup as a condiment but the japanese use it as a base for tomato sauces in 'Naporitan' pasta. Spaghetti 'Naporitan' was created just after world war 2 after Shigetada (the head chef at the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama) saw occupying soldiers eating it. Nowadays you can find spaghetti seasoned with soy sauce and served with seaweed. I have always been a huge fan of japanese-style pasta.
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Roasted yellow pepper pasta 30 minutes

This weekend I decided to make a batch of black pasta, and served it with some roasted yellow pepper sauce. The contrast between the yellow and black is so fun, i feel like a mad scientist when i add bamboo charcoal in my food.
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Fresh pesto pasta 20 minutes

Summer is over temperature in Montreal started to dip into the lower 20's. Colder times means collecting the remaining fresh herbs from my balcony garden. This year i'm happy to say my plants thrived (thank you smart pots). My basil plant was a real beauty I harvested all I could from it and made pesto and with the pesto I made this recipe—the perfect way to end the summer.
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Sunflower heirloom carrot pasta 20 minutes

Using veggies as noodles in a dish is something I really enjoy doing; it tastes fresh and is ready in a second! Thank you julienne peeler your precense in my kitchen has made the process of cutting vegetables in thin strips enjoyable. Spending the greater part of an evening cutting daikon or cucumbers thinly by hand are now thankfully nothing but a distant memory. Brought home a bag full of beautiful heirloom carrots from Jean-Talon market last weekend. I've been using them in meals all week - Carrot ginger soup sour pickled carrots baked in a lentil loaf etc. Heirloom carrots come in a wide variety of colours; the yellow ones I thought resembled pasta. Thus came the idea for heirloom carrot pasta!
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Black gnocchi 60 minutes

A few weeks ago I asked people what they wanted to see me cook some of you asked for black gnocchi so here they are! Made completely from scratch... beautiful and black with a light and sweet sauce topped with fresh scallions and daikon!
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Black pasta 60 minutes

Black pasta is visually striking I remember the first time I saw it on a shelf in a grocery store. I didn't know pasta could be that shade. Ever since that time I've been dying to make my own. Happy to say that i can finally cross that off my list of things I want to do.
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