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Chickpea kelp sandwich 20 minutes

I recently ordered ingredients from BC Kelp, a company in northern Canada that grows their own seaweed. A lot of the food i make these days has either nori, wakame, bull kelp or bladderwack whole tips in it.
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Basic black bread 140 minutes

Introducing my basic black bread recipe. This bread is super light and fluffy great for morning toast or sandwiches.
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Avocado carrot sandwich 10 minutes

Because i made a fresh loaf of black bread the other day it only made sense to make another recipe with it so i made a delicious spicy and lime-infused carrot and avocado sandwich.
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No knead black bread 60 minutes

This beautiful black loaf of bread is what inspired this website it took me a while to get my hands on some bamboo charcoal powder but now that i have it i will be baking a ton of these. Some months ago I stumbled upon an image of an all-black loaf I didn't know you could get bread to be that dark. I tasted some squid ink in japan before in pasta and in korean gimbap so I assumed that's what they had used. Using squid ink to tint food wasn't particularly appealing to me so I was happy when i learned about Bamboo charcoal.
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