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Uzumaki hummus bites 50 minutes

Beet hummus bites or 'uzumaki' bites as i like to call them! Roasted beet hummus black olives and aragula salad tucked into homemade bamboo charcoal tortillas.
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Panko chickpea fingers 90 minutes

Was in the mood for some panko! Didn't have tofu but what I DID have was a jar full of chickpea flour. Made a batch of spicy green scallion chickpea tofu and coated it with home made bread crumbs to make baked panko chickpea fingers!
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Teriyaki carrot patties 40 minutes

If you're searching for entree ideas look no further! These vegan curried carrot patties drizzled with teriyaki sauce with a side of freshly baked kale chips will hit the spot.
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Basic black bread 140 minutes

Introducing my basic black bread recipe. This bread is super light and fluffy great for morning toast or sandwiches.
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Miso veggie pate 60 minutes

Végé pâté is a quebec staple food, it's one of those things that you never think to make yourself. Every picnic i had this summer included this, it's great with veggies, on crackers and in sandwiches too. Purchasing it pre-made can get expensive, and not all kinds are good so i this summer i decided to make it myself.
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Dark yaki gyoza 60 minutes

Late-night gyoza at izakaya is one of the things i miss the most about living in Tokyo. Maybe not one of the healthiest late night eats but a DELICIOUS one. I recently learned how to make them at home so it was only natural for me and Devine to try and make our own version. These are very unconventional gyoza black on the outside and red and orange on the inside.
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Borscht with tofu sour cream 60 minutes

Funny to think that when i was a kid i didn't want to go anywhere near beets. For the longest time it was this thing that my family served around xmas time and that i didn't like. How things change! I buy beets regularly now to make pasta sauce to serve over salads to mix into smoothies and now to make Borscht!
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Kuro pretzels 130 minutes

I don't really buy bread anymore since i've discovered the joys of home-baking but i still like to go to my neighbourhood bakery to get ideas and inspiration. My latest bread experiment is pretzels.
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No knead black bread 60 minutes

This beautiful black loaf of bread is what inspired this website it took me a while to get my hands on some bamboo charcoal powder but now that i have it i will be baking a ton of these. Some months ago I stumbled upon an image of an all-black loaf I didn't know you could get bread to be that dark. I tasted some squid ink in japan before in pasta and in korean gimbap so I assumed that's what they had used. Using squid ink to tint food wasn't particularly appealing to me so I was happy when i learned about Bamboo charcoal.
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Spinach pajeon 15 minutes

Korean-inspired dish scallion pancake coloured with spinach. This is a great way to add an extra portion of vegetables to pancakes plus the resulting colour looks great!
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