raisin beet bread

1 loaf — 60 minutes

If like Rek's dad you like raisin bread, you will love this sweet raisin beet bread. It's halfway between a cake and bread. Adapted from an old cookbook by Margo Oliver les menus de margo oliver.

It's simple to make, and you can replace the raisins with currants or cranberries. If you make this recipe, just be sure to add plenty of raisins on top, we emptied a bag on it, without regret. They raisins get super crispy, and will develop a sweet crispy caramelized taste.

sweet bread

dried raisins150 g, total
water240 ml, warm
vanilla extract2.5 ml
red beets2 small, puréed
flax seeds15 g
water90 ml
canola oil60 ml
natural brown sugar65 g
all purpose flour270 g
salt2.5 g
baking powder7 g