Soy flour tofu

400 g — 60 minutes

Over the years, we've experimented with various ways of making tofu, our favourite recipe is made from milling, and then soaking, the ground soy beans for a short time. We prefer making our own soy flour with a grain mill. It's possible to buy pre-ground flour, but make sure it isn't de-fatted.

Tofu is cheap to make. In Canada, 400g of soy beans costs about 0.35$ in bulk and makes a brick of tofu, the store bought equivalent 400g brick is 3.65$.

Making tofu from the flour is faster, there is no need to pre-soak the whole beans overnight, it also makes it easier for us to extract more milk.

Nigari is our preferred coagulant, as it imparts less flavor than lemon juice, vinegar or epsom salt.

We got the idea to make this kind of tofu from The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook by Louise Hagler, and found general tofu-making tips from Cooking With Tofu by Yoshiko Takeuchi.

Making tofu on a boat is great, we use the hand-rail to suspend the nylon bag when pressing the milk out of the soy pulp.

It is always exciting to see the tofu curds separate from the whey.

Making tofu in a bag only is a no-fuss option. You don't need a mold to make tofu. The tofu has little bumps on it because of the perforated surface we drained it on.


soy beanswhole, 400 g
water2.2 liter
nigari7 g
water250 ml