wasabi swirl chocolate cookies

13 cookies — 30 minutes

Black sesame chocolate cookies with a wasabi glaze, it's surprising how well these two things go together.

we wanted to mix the wasabi directly in the cookies at first, but after reading a lot about baking wasabi, we decided to apply it after in the form of a glaze because the taste of wasabi fades significantly when heated.

It doesn't taste too strong, and adds just the right amount of kick.

Quick Yogurt

To make quick yogurt or sour milk, add apple cider vinegar to soy milk. The vinegar makes soy curdle and thicken, and adds sourness that makes it taste more complex.


flax seeds7 g, ground
water45 ml
black sesame seeds35 g
canola oil60 ml
soy yogurt30 ml
natural brown sugar130 g
vanilla extract5 ml
sea salt1.25 g
cocoa powder10 g
rolled oats140 g, ground
soy milk10 ml


powdered sugar55 g
wasabi powder15 g
soy milk30 ml