arame soba

2 portions — 40 minutes

Recipe location: Montreal, QC. Canada

We cook a lot of Japanese-style food, not just because we lived there for a few years, but because we appreciate the subtle flavors and aesthetics of Japanese cuisine.

Soba: In this recipe I used pre-packaged buckwheat noodles (そば soba), but it is possible to prepare from scratch using a 1:0.5 mixture of buckwheat and whole wheat flour. Making juwari soba 十割そば (100% buckwheat noodles) is very difficult to master, and is best left for the patient, which I am not, and the experienced, which I also, am not.

Arame: Arame is a species of kelp of a dark brown color, it has a mild, semi-sweet flavor and a firm texture. It can be reconstituted in about 5 minutes, and can be added to many kinds of dishes. It is high in calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium and vitamin A. This recipe used to include hijiki, but I've since removed it because it contains potentially toxic quantities of inorganic arsenic. Arame seaweed doesn't share this toxicity, and is a good substitute in both texture and taste.


arame handful
soy sauce 30 ml
sake 30 ml
mirin 30 ml
whole cane sugar 5 g
buckwheat noodles 2 portions
sesame oil 2.5 ml
carrots 1
garlic 2 cloves
tempeh 60 g
sichuan peppercorns To taste