bartlett pear

Barlett pears are large, and have a skin that brightens as it ripens, transforming it from a green to a golden yellow tint. They have a cream-colored flesh, that is crunchy and tart when ripe, and a buttery and sweet taste when fully ripe. They are rich in vitamin C and iron.

Bartlett pears can be eaten raw, they can be baked, boiled and grilled. Bartlett pears are known as the “canning pear” because they hold their shape and have a distinct flavor and sweetness when preserved.


Pears are the fruit of the pear tree, a species of genus Pyrus. Most pears are cold-hardy, withstanding temperatures between -25C and -30C in winter. There are many species of pears, ranging in size, shape and color. They are a source of vitamin c.

They will keep up to 3 weeks when stored in the refrigerator and a little over 1 year if frozen. Pears ripen at room temperature. They will ripen faster if placed next to bananas in a fruit bowl.