borscht with tofu sour cream

4 quarts — 60 minutes

Devine has been taking russian classes every week, and he comes back from his lessons with new words to teach me. Last week, he not only returned with new words, he also brought back a Borscht recipe.

Borscht is traditionally served with sour cream. A lot of vegan sour cream recipes have cashews, because of my tree nut allergy, i had to opt for something different. soft tofu does the job well, the mix of that plus lemon and apple cider vinegar gives a perfect sour taste!

sour cream

soft tofu 349 g
whole cane sugar 5 g
apple cider vinegar 15 ml
lemon juice 5 tsp


vegetable bouillon 950 ml
red beets 2
sweet potatoes 1
carrots 2
red onion 1/2
garlic 3
tomato paste 30 g
red cabbage 1.5, medium
bay leaf 1
sea salt 2.5 g
black pepper 2.5 g
lemon juice 10 ml