2 servings — 60 minutes

I used to have a cheese recipe on this website, but it failed me a few times after making it, which made it a poor recipe indeed. This time, I've experiemented a lot more, removing and adding ingredients.

This is a basic cheese recipe, that you can add onto if you want different flavors. It's simple to prepare, and ready under an hour. Another great thing about it is that it's completely nut-free!

This cheese can be grated, it holds its shape well enough so it can be used as a topping on pizza — yay!

In this recipe I use kanten, which is similar to agar agar except that it's made from a different type of red algae (tengusa). It can be swapped 1:1 in a recipe, although the resulting texture will not be the same. Adding agar agar will make the cheese softer, so I highly recommend using kanten if available.


For a pepper jack cheese flavor, add garlic, onion powder and chili pepper flakes. You can also add black pepper, for a bit of spice, or pimento olives!


soy milk 240 ml
nutritional yeast 10 g
tahini 30 ml
onion powder 2.5 g
apple cider vinegar 5 ml
white miso 5 g
kanten powder 4 g