chickpea salad sandwich

4 portions — 20 minutes

Recipe location: Sidney, BC. Canada.

I recently ordered ingredients from BC Kelp, a company in northern Canada that grows their own seaweed. A lot of the food I make these days has either nori, wakame, bull kelp or bladderwack whole tips in it.

I'd like to see more people cooking with sea vegetables. You can snack on dried seaweed, or add it to soups and salads. The powdered version I'm using in this recipe, adds a lot of umami and color to meals.

You can order your own bull kelp powder from the BC Kelp website, they have a wide range of quality seaweed to choose from.


Adding a bay leaf, a bit of onion or a clove or two of garlic to the cooking water add a subtle seasoning to the chickpeas and boost flavor.


If you don't have access to bull kelp powder, you can use 5 ml capers or dulse flakes. These needs to be added to create a briny no-tuna taste.

chickpea salad

chickpeas 250 g, cooked
prepared veganaise 60 g
bull kelp powder 5 g
pickled cucumbers 2
cayenne pepper powder 1.25 g