chili pomegranate brownies

24 servings — 60 minutes

Making brownies has been on my mind for some time, I finally settled for spicy brownies with a sweet and spicy pomegranate syrup!

I put a LOT of chili pepper flakes in these. I have a higher tolerance to it, but if you don't feel free to use less. You can omit the chilis in the batter, but I highly recommend infused the pomegranate syrup with some - it's delicious and won't be the same without it.

These were a big success.

I baked these brownies for Devine's birthday, and I've been re-making them ever since. You can vary the fruit juice for the topping, making reductions of fruit juices is very easy and it's so good, it makes desserts extra fancy without much effort. I cut them into 24 small squares, but these would look great in larger blocks too. Smaller portions means you can fool yourself into having some longer — I rather like that idea.

In this recipe I substituted half of the fat for puréed pumpkin, you could also use apple sauce or banana (banana tastes is strong though). Know that when baking brownies, you can only substitute half the amount of fat before it effects the texture.


pumpkin 50 g
flax seeds 45 g
water 135 ml
canola oil 75 ml
granulated sugar 150 g
cocoa powder 80 g
sea salt 1.25 g
all purpose flour 60 g
chili pepper flakes 30 g
cayenne pepper powder 5 g


chili pepper flakes 5 g
cayenne pepper powder 5 g
pomegranate juice 475 ml


pomegranate 2