Choco peanut blondies

24 squares — 45 minutes

A recipe that's ideal when you've got chickpea left-overs, which happens to me a lot when cooking from dry beans. Sometimes I'll prepare chickpeas for this recipe, and use the rest as part of a meal for lunch or dinner, something like a chickpea salad sandwich or spicy stir-fried chickpeas. What's even better, is that the cooking liquid from the chickpeas is re-used in the same recipe as a binding and leavening agent. When whipped at high speeds, chickpea cooking liquid (or aquafaba) triples in size and acts as an egg replacer.

I don't recommend re-using the liquid from cans of chickpeas, as it's technically the soaking liquid which ought to be discarded. Substituting canned chickpeas from home-cooked beans is fine, but if you do this, discard the liquid and use either a flax egg or ground and soaked chia seeds. These two ingredients can help bind ingredients, but aren't effective when it comes to leavening.

It's possible to omit the cocoa powder, or to use double the quantity of peanut butter to 240 g (1 cup)instead of adding chickpeas. If you decide not to use chickpeas, be sure to add an egg replacer (chia or flax egg, as suggested above).


brown sugar 180 g
vegan butter 113 g
peanut butter 120 g
chickpeas 120 g, cooked
cocoa powder 25 g
all purpose flour 180 g
baking powder 5 g
dark chocolate 190 g