dark gyoza

40 wrappers — 60 minutes

We made homemade gyoza dough with some friends a few weeks back, and it took FOREVER. Devine had the amazing idea of using our pasta maker to do it. We still needed to do a bit of kneading, to get it through the machine the first time. After that, it's easy and sweat-free!

We didn't have any round cookie cutters, the last time we tried I was using upside down glasses. Didn't work well because the rims aren't sharp and smooshes the dough down instead. Again, Devine had a stroke of genius: Cans! I had an empty chickpea pan lying around, it was about the size of a gyoza wrapper so we used that to poke holes through the dough.

I know not everyone has a pasta maker, you don't need one to make wrappers. You can just use a rolling pin.

Gyoza wrapper techniques and ratios were based on the recipe from Just one cookbook. She explains it really well too on her blog it's worth taking a look. I learned a lot from her even if our techniques differ slightly. While I preferred not to knead by hand, or with a rolling pin, i did do it her way the first time.


all purpose flour 240 g
bamboo charcoal powder 5 g
salt 5 g
water 120 ml
cornstarch 7 g


tofu 227 g, grated
shiitake 3
green cabbage 140 g
carrots 2, grated
garlic 2 cloves, minced
ginger root 2.5 cm, grated
soy sauce 5 ml
sesame oil 5 ml
sake 5 ml
black pepper 1.25 g
salt 1.25 g

dipping sauce

japanese rice vinegar 45 ml
soy sauce 45 ml
sesame oil 5 ml
chili pepper flakes 5 g

pan fry

water 80 ml
sesame oil 5 ml