golden bread

2 servings — 15 minutes

In Quebec we call french toast 'pain doré', which translates to 'golden bread'. A fitting name. My mom used to make some for the family when I was a kid. Her recipe differs from mine in the way that she would use dairy and eggs. Substituting eggs in recipes is never easy, but not impossible. I've tried many alternatives over the years and finally ended up using chickpea flour. It's an ingredient I already use in many recipes to mimic eggs, like in okonomiyaki and scrambled chickpea flour. When heated, chickpea flour thickens and crisps up while keeping its yellow color. I don't recommend using bananas as an egg replacer in this recipe. It's what I used to do, but I find it imparts too much flavor and makes it too sweet.

Oven version : Preheat oven at 180°C. Grease a baking dish, add sliced bread and pour the left-over milk mixture overtop. Cook until golden.

Bread : In this recipe I used some spelt sandwich bread.

Milk : Adding vinegar to plant milk makes it curdle and taste sour, it's a simple trick used to make dairy-free buttermilk. In recipes, buttermilk adds sharpness and flavor. You're welcome to use other types of plant milk, but some varieties (like rice milk) won't curdle as well.

dipping mix

apple cider vinegar 15 ml
soy milk 125 ml
chickpea flour 20 g
nutritional yeast 4 g
brown sugar 15 g
vegan butter 15 ml
fresh bread 4 slices
maple syrup to taste