gyoza wrappers

40 wrappers — 60 minutes

We made homemade gyoza skins with some friends a few weeks back, it's fun, but it takes a long time (it is why doing it in a group makes a lot of sense). Devine had the amazing idea of using our pasta maker to make the dough.

We didn't have any round cookie cutters to make large circles, we tried to use the bottom of a drinking glass but the rims aren't sharp and smoosh up the dough down instead. Again, Devine had a stroke of genius: Cans! We used an empty bean can, which happened to be the approximate diameter of a gyoza wrapper.

A pasta maker is not necessary to make gyoza skins, it's possible to do it with a rolling pin but it is important to get the dough thin enough. It is possible to buy pre-made gyoza wrappers, select grocery stores have them.

The gyoza wrapper techniques and ratios were based on a recipe from Just one cookbook.

Bamboo charcoal. That day we used bamboo charcoal powder to color the gyoza wrappers black, but it is completely optional. If you want to do this, add 5 g of bamboo charcoal powder(food grade) to the dry dough.


all purpose flour240 g
salt5 g
water120 ml
cornstarch7 g