houjicha overnight oatmeal

2 servings — 10 minutes

Oats are great when combined with the nutty and earthy flavor of houjicha. If you're not familiar with houjicha, visit a tea shop and ask for it. It's a Japanese roasted tea that is often served with sweet and savory dishes. It's a good low-caffeine alternative to most teas, and adds just the right amount of flavor to oatmeal without overpowering it.


If your nut milk is sweetened, you may not need an added sweetener. It's also possible to use a tea strainer instead of a cloth bag by putting the loose leaves in it, and letting it sit in a shallow pan. Just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't tip!


soy milk370 ml
houjicha20 g
maple syrup30 ml
salt1.25 g
rolled oats100 g