mason jar bread pudding

1 serving — 30 minutes

Growing up bread pudding was Rek's favorite dessert. Rek's mom used bread crusts leftover from christmas dinner (from making no-crust sandwiches) to make bread pudding. She cooks by feel, always has. She never writes anything down. Rek stood by her as she made it, taking notes of the approximate quantities and various steps.

Rek's mom comes from a family of 7 girls, she grew up cooking for the family. When cooking for the family, she'd always prepare a basin-load of food. Her bread pudding recipe is no different. Rek's dad has no trouble going through all of it.

We are good eaters, but there's no way we can eat that much dessert, so we reduced and reduced, until it fit a wide-mouth 1/4 l(1 cup) mason jar.

If ever you have some leftover crusts try and make this, it's easy, delicious and comforting, and scales well enough. A Rek's mom would say, 'do it by eye'.

bread pudding

soft tofu90 g
soy milk80 ml
vanilla extract1.25 ml
bread crusts20 g, packed
dried raisins9 g
apple1, small
natural brown sugar5 g
cinnamon1.25 g
maple syrup15 ml