mushroom zucchini pasta

4 servings — 20 minutes

As much as I love pasta, i like to vary my food a lot day to day. Once in a while, I like to make zucchini noodles! They're ready in an instant, and are delicious when topped with a two-mushroom velouté sauce.

This meal is also green on green, most of the ingredients are different shades of the same colour. Fun.

What other green things can I add to this? Wakame! I don't always have fresh greens in my fridge, when I don't, I use wakame. It's handy to have around, it keeps for a long time and doesn't require a lot of prep. Wakame is also a good source of Iodine.

Edamame is another green food that I like. I have the frozen, de-shelled kind in my fridge. It saves a lot of time.

Mushrooms aren't green but they do add a TON of flavour to sauces. Shiitake mushrooms have a lot of flavour, shimeji mushrooms have a subtle taste but look nice in a dish.

veggie noodles and toppings

wakame 30 g
shiitake 5-6
zucchini 4


olive oil 30 ml
all purpose flour 15 g
vegetable bouillon 475 molds
shimeji 50 g
edamame 50 g
shichimi togarashi 5 g