potato gnocchi

6 servings — 60 minutes

A few weeks ago, I asked people what they wanted to see me cook. Some asked for gnocchi, so here they are! Made from scratch, beautiful and black (just because). Topped with a light and sweet sauce, fresh scallions and daikon!

As it turns out, making gnocchi is long. It's well worth the effort, but if you're planning on making some, clear your afternoon!

Every step takes time. You have to wait for the potatoes to bake, wait for them to cool, you need to remove the skins etc. Skipping any of those steps will result in a gnocchi disaster.

These turned out perfect! This is a large recipe, so if you're only two you'll have plenty left-over that you can let dry, freeze and eat later.

Because the sauce and toppings are light and simple, you can focus on the texture of the gnocchi.


russet potatoes 3 medium
whole wheat flour 140 g
bamboo charcoal powder 15 g
salt 1.25 g


soy sauce 90 ml
mirin 45 ml
granulated sugar 20 g


shiitake 5
scallions 5 branches
daikon 1/3 cup
wakame 45 g
shichimi togarashi To taste