quick flat bread

8 small — 15 minutes

A quick no-yeast flat bread recipe, ideal when you want bread but don't want to wait. The flat bread is ready in under 45 minutes (includes resting time), and it's possible to prepare under 15 minutes — I do this a lot — if necessary (without the resting time).

Allowing the dough to relax after kneading makes it easier to work with, but if you skip that step it's still possible to roll it out, it'll just be a bit harder to do.


Flour: Switching whole wheat flour for spelt, or all-purpose won't affect the dough.

Fat: Fat is necessary in this recipe, it helps to create a smooth, rich and pliable dough. Using other types of oil, like canola or sunflower oil, is fine. It's possible to use vegan butter, but it'll have to be softened and mixed in with other liquids first. If using vegan butter, measure out 50 g.

Liquid: For an even richer, and even MORE pliable dough, substitute water for plant milk. I recommend using soy, as it is richer than rice or oat milk. On the boat, I tend not to use milk because I rarely keep any (lacking a fridge).

Add-ins: I sometimes like to add seeds, like sesame, flax or sunflower, to my breads. Add the seeds after adding water, folding them into the dough.

bread mix

whole wheat flour 300 g
salt 2.5 g
olive oil 60 ml
water 180 ml