salted caramel carob chip cookies

20 cookies — 20 minutes

Recipe location: Montreal, QC. Canada

Einkorn was one of the first domesticated and cultivated plants in the world. It has a higher percentage of protein than regular wheat, and a number of nutrients.

It has a strong nutty taste, making it more flavorful than regular wheat, and pairs well with the caramel taste of carob chips and date caramel.

date caramel

deglet noor dates 75 g
lemon juice 2.5 ml
soy milk 30 ml
vanilla extract 2.5 ml


flax seeds 7 g, ground
einkorn wheat flour 165 g
canola oil 60 ml
coconut sugar 110 g
date caramel 60 ml
baking soda 4 g
carob chips 85 g
fleur de sel to taste