stovetop popcorn

20 cups — 5 minutes

Making popcorn on the stovetop is not a recipe perse, it's a reminder that it's easy to do and that it doesn't require any specialized tools or ingredients. It doesn't require a microwave, just a pot and source of heat (stove).

When I was a kid my family used Jiffy Pop, unpopped kernels, oil, and flavoring agents that come in a heavy-gauge aluminum foil pan. I enjoyed seeing the foil rise up into a dome as the kernels started to pop. Then later, my family adopted microwavable bags. These products — while easy and fun — cost more and create unecessary waste. Because I grew up with packaged popcorn, the idea of trying to pop my own kernels only occurred to me MUCH later in life.

So, again, this is a reminder that there are conveniences in life that we just don't need.


dry corn kernels 120 g
olive oil 30 ml


nutritional yeast 10 g
smoked paprika 5 g