teriyaki veggie patties

2 servings — 40 minutes

Taking the time to cook good food is important, someone said this to me ages ago, never forgot it. It took me a while to understand, I didn't always care about what I ate. I now take the time, because food matters.

Cooking isn't just about getting your hunger pangs to go away, it's also a time to be creative.

With this recipe, I wanted to make something nutritious that would look nice on a plate. I didn't have to go out to get special ingredients, I just looked in my fridge and used items I had on hand. The result was fantastic!


carrots 2
curry powder 5 g
yellow onion 1/2
garlic 2 cloves
rolled oats 30 g
pumpkin 150 g


soy sauce 30 ml
sake 30 ml
mirin 30 ml
whole cane sugar 5 g