turmeric cookies

16 servings — 30 minutes

These yellow treats will help brighten up cold, and grey winter days. Turmeric powder has a subtle taste, and will also do a good job of making your baked goods yellow!

In these cookies, I use spelt flour because it's more nutritious than wheat flour. Cookies aren't exactly high on the 'health food' scale though, that I know, but it's a way of sneaking in whole grains which can contribute to good health. When it comes to sugar, there are no true 'healthy' alternatives. Desserts are rare treats, and should be eaten in moderation. The same goes for oil. I used unrefined canola oil because it imparts little flavor, and because it's a source of omega3.

It's possible to use chocolate chips, but I like to use Carob chips because they lack bitterness and contain no caffeine. I'm a coffee drinker, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, but because an excess of caffeine can worsen my anxiety I try and limit my intake, and this includes chocolate products because they contain theobromine.


all purpose flour 60 g
spelt flour 50 g
baking powder 5 g
ground turmeric 10 g
dried orange peel 5 g
canola oil 90 ml
whole cane sugar 100 g
soy milk 90 mold
carob chips 20