cheese and spinach ravioli

2 people — 40 minutes

We have arrived in New Zealand, the land of plenty. All of the foods that we like and miss are here. Foods like nutritional yeast, miso and soba (to name a few).

With a fully re-stocked pantry, we started to make faux-cheese again, a recipe from Vegan Richa that is simple to make and that we love. The recipe is for a cheese that can be cut into wedges, or that can be grated over pizza. I had an idea to use this recipe to make filling for ravioli, the difference being that we won't add any agar agar (a seaweed based powder that makes liquids gellify)

Making the ravioli is easy, and requires laying out a thin sheet of dough, and adding bits of the spinach and cheese mix into separate small mounds across. Leaving enough space between each 'mound' is necessary, as another sheet of dough is laid overtop and that the space ensures that both sheets will stick together.


chickpea flour15 g
nutritional yeast15 g
arrowroot starch22 g
garlic powder1.25 g
onion powder1.25 g
chili pepper flakes1.25 g
spinach20 g
lemon juice5 ml
apple cider vinegar2.5 ml
soy milk180 ml


all purpose flour120 g
water160 ml
salt1.25 g