hop ice cream

1 L — 600 minutes

Me and Devine like craft beer a lot. To help satisfy our evergrowing craving, I decided to try and make hop flavoured ice cream.

This ice cream is definitely for people who love the smell and taste of hops (as well as cold summer dairy-free treats).

I wasn't sure how to 'infuse' the hops into the ice cream base, we tried making hop tea by infusing it overnight in the fridge, but the taste wasn't strong enough. Felt we would get better results and better flavour if the hops were heated. The pouch method worked pretty well, the ice cream base was perfect! Full of delicious bitterness! Devine suggested to make a concentrate with the hops first, and then mix it into the base next time.

The hops used in this recipe are an American variety called "Colombus". We got them from La Choppe a Barrock on Villeneuve and Coloniale in Montreal. Every time we make home brews, we pick up the ingredients there! You can buy a wide variety of hop buds there, you can even get the pellet kind.

It was my second time using the ice cream maker, I got it from the 'Free stuff Montreal' group on facebook. It looks like a little red pail — super cute. The woman I got it from even had the manual! You can make ice cream without a machine, although having one helps with the churning process. It saves a lot of time and effort. If i hadn't gotten that ice cream maker for free, i dont think id have one now, but since it's here might as well use it!

If you too, are having too many beers these days, try and cook with hops instead. Same taste, different format!

hop ice cream

hops 7 buds
coconut milk 2 X 378ml cans
maple syrup 156 g
sea salt 1.25 g
cornstarch 10 g
vanilla extract 5 ml