quick cheese

2 servings — 60 minutes

This is a quick, nut-free cheese recipe, that you can add onto if you want different flavors. It's simple to prepare, and ready under a few hours.


In this recipe we use kanten, which is similar to agar agar except that it's made from a different type of red algae (tengusa). You can swap it 1:1 in a recipe, although the resulting texture will not be the same. Adding agar agar will soften the texture.

In this recipe, it's possible to replace 240 ml of soy milk with 240 ml of water instead, this will result in a cheese that is less creamy and less filling. We like to add turmeric to make it yellow, but it's totally optional.

NOTE: Above picture is from the first cheese iteration we made that was possible to grate, this cheese recipe is softer, and doesn't grate as well. We need to replace the photo.


sunflower seeds140 g
soy milk240 ml
salt1.25 g
nutritional yeast8 g
onion powder2.5 g
apple cider vinegar5 ml
ground turmeric2.5 g
white miso5 g
arrowroot starch30 g
soy milk120 ml
kanten powder6 g