shepherds pie

4 servings — 40 minutes

Shepherd's pie is one of our favorite childhood meals. It's a super versatile dish, our recipe has layers consisting of tofu and burmese tofu, green peas, sweet potato and cauliflower.

Shepherd's pie is very much like Pâté Chinois, everyone in Quebec refers to this dish as such, but because I suspect it has racist origins (no one is entirely sure where the name comes from) I'm going to refrain from using that term.

Families in Quebec make this all the time, but the traditional version includes meat and creamed corn. This recipe is different, but inspires the same kind of comfort.


We've made versions of this dish with just cauliflower, or just using tofu, or just potatoes too. We've made it so often we've gone through every possibility. All in all, it consists of a protein layer (tofu, burmese tofu, lentils etc) veggie layer (corn or peas), and topped with a root or hearty vegetable layer (potatoes, pumpkin, parnisps, cauliflower etc).

I've also made a version which consists of cubed, cooked potatoes (or pumpkin), with scrambled chickpea flour and corn.

Shepherds pie

white cauliflower1 head, small
sweet potatoes1, large
green peas400 g
tofu454 g, firm
soy sauce30 ml
yellow onion1, small
smoked paprika5 g