soybean hummus with jalapenos

3 servings — 5 minutes

While in Japan, we didn't have access to chickpeas and so we started to make hummus with soybeans. The result is amazing, and both of us now prefer this version. Soybeans have a rich, creamy texture, and a neutral flavor.


Acid: We sometimes add lime, or apple cider vinegar if we don't have access to lemon. Doing this doesn't alter the flavor.

Soybeans: It is possible to make hummus with any bean, but the taste and texture will differ. We have a preference for chickpeas and red lentils. If using chickpeas, if you want a very smooth hummus take the skins off prior to blending.

Miso: We used a miso (米こうじみそ) that is characterized by the mellow sweetness of the rice. Using a darker variety would overwhelm the dish. If sensitive to soy, try and find chickpea miso.

Toppings: Jalapeno peppers add kick, it makes this dish rather spicy and can be omitted. If you're not a fan of spicy, try adding roasted red peppers instead.

Garlic: We like to put raw nira (Japanese garlic chives) as a topping, or instead of garlic. Nira is very mild, and pairs well with soybeans.


soy beans150 g, dry
tahini45 ml
lemon1/2, juiced
white miso15 ml
olive oil15 ml
garlic4 cloves
jalapeno peppers2
black pepper5 g