spicy stirfry chickpeas

2 servings — 15 minutes

If someone was to ask me which food I could eat forever without stopping, I'd answer chickpeas. There's a TON of different ways to prepare them, and all of these ways are delicious. They can be baked, squished, pureed, ground, sprouted and baked. Their versatility make my life easier, I can eat them everyday and it doesn't ever get boring.

Nutrition: Legumes is an important part of the diet, and one of the best plant sources of lysine, one of 9 essential amino acids required for good health. Protein is necessary for muscles, bones, hormones, digestive enzymes, to absorb nutrients and to rebuild cells. If you eat 1/2 cup dry beans a day, your daily protein needs are covered.

Another plus is that dry chickpeas keep a long, long time. If you keep them in air-tight containers they will last even longer, because moisture and oxygen is the enemy of all beans. Oxygen makes the bean oils rancid overtime. You can store them for 5+ yrs if you add oxygen absorbers (packet consisting of powdered iron oxide) to the containers. I like to buy them in bulk and cook them as needed. An advantage of buying them dry is that it is cheap, and they taste better (honest). Read about storing dry beans.


Adding a bay leaf, a bit of onion or a clove or two of garlic to the cooking water add a subtle seasoning to the chickpeas and boost flavor.


chickpeas 250 g, cooked
tofu 150g cubed, firm
soy sauce 10 ml
balsamic vinegar 5 ml
arrowroot starch 15 ml
salt pinch
black pepper pinch


maple syrup 15 ml
soy sauce 15 ml
balsamic vinegar 30 ml
arrowroot starch 15 g
sesame oil 5 ml

stir fry

carrots 1
red cabbage 40 g
scallions 2 stalks
garlic 3 cloves
ginger root equal to garlic
chili pepper flakes 15 g
sichuan peppercorns 5g, whole
salt pinch
black pepper pinch