sweet mock eel nigiri

2 servings — 50 minutes

Burmese tofu is not really tofu, I know it's confusing. Burmese tofu is made with chickpea flour, one of my staple foods. The cool thing about it, is that it takes 10 minutes to make and sets under 1 hour. It's a great soy-free alternative, and the texture is comparable to that of soft tofu.

The original recipe for chickpea tofu, I believe, was sourced from a book called The Burmese kitchen by Aung Thein. This recipe will use up about half of the burmese tofu, which means you'll have a whole other half to use in other meals.

I thought the chickpea tofu would be well-suited as a 'mock unagi kabayaki', and that it would look especially striking atop some black rice.

The sauce served over unagi (eel) kabayaki is sweet, with hints of caramel. Most Japanese sauces are easy to make, and usually require around 3-4 ingredients, these almost always include: soy sauce, sake, mirin, or Japanese rice vinegar. If you want to cook Japanese food, having these around is a must.


black glutinous rice 140 g
japanese rice vinegar 7 ml
whole cane sugar 15 g
nori sheets 1 sheet


soy sauce 30 ml
mirin 30 ml
whole cane sugar 15 g
sake 15 ml

chickpea tofu

vegetable bouillon 700 ml
chickpea flour 85 g
sea salt 1.25 g
ground turmeric 5 g