40 crackers — 25 minutes

Making crackers is simple. There are no downsides to knowing, and in a bind it's a useful skill. What's great about a basic recipe is that you can swap ingredients with little consequence (most times) and you can add to it to suit your needs and cravings.

We love to eat crackers as snacks, usually between breakfast and lunch, a cracker with some peanut butter to quiet our stomachs. We rely on crackers a lot during long passages at sea.

You can make these crackers without extras with just the 'cracker' portion of the recipe. They're just as delicious that way, but you can add seeds and spices for added flavor and nutrition. We like to add seeds to ours, like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds. We recommend adding black pepper, or chili pepper flakes, these are also delicious if you sprinkle some salt over the top of them.

Substitutions :

Oats : Instead of oats processed into powder, you can use 20 g (1/4 cup) of chickpea flour or 30 g of buckwheat flour. Sometimes we make crackers that use spelt flour.

Buckwheat groats reuse: Whenever we brew a batch of buckwheat tea, we end up with some wet groats which we use in this cracker recipe. The groats will add extra moisture to the recipe, so be careful when adding water, you'll need a lot less.

Oil : You can use any kind of oil, but prioritize mid-neutral oils like olive (like in the recipe) or aromatic oils like sesame and chili oil. Adding sunflower oil or canola is fine, but since these crackers are very basic, adding an strongly-flavored oils will improve the taste. If you're adding plenty of spices, adding aromatic oils isn't as crucial.


rolled oats30 g
spelt flour75 g
salt1.25 g
natural brown sugar15 g
olive oil25 ml
water60 ml


pumpkin seeds30 g
black sesame seeds15 g
flax seeds10 g