roasted carrots with beluga lentils

2 servings — 30 minutes

Our oven has been working overtime these days, we've been baking and roasting food almost everyday. We picked up a pack of heirloom carrots at the market last weekend, threw them in the oven with a bit of oil, and served them over a bed of beluga lentils, topped it with a spicy peanut butter sauce.

Roasted carrots are sweet, a nice change from eating them raw.

Beluga lentils aren't the cheapest kind you can get, but we like them because they hold their shape well.

Credits: The idea to make a recipe with beluga lentils was inspired by Meike Peters' beluga lentil salad recipe.


heirloom carrots8
olive oil15 ml
thyme5 g
sea salt5 g
black pepperpinch


sriracha30 ml
peanut butter33 g
soy sauce60 ml
japanese rice vinegar30 ml


beluga lentils115 g
vegetable bouillon375 ml