uzumaki hummus bites

11 tortillas — 50 minutes

Uzumaki means 'spiral' in Japanese, it is also the name of my favourite Junji Ito story. I thought this to be a good name for these savoury beet hummus bites.

Making tortillas at home is damn easy, it doesn't require a lot of waiting time or preparation. The only thing I had trouble with, was making them into nice circular shapes. The easy way is to use a tortilla press, or it just requires lots of practice.

Making the tortillas black is optional, but it adds a nice contrast to the beet hummus.

beet hummus

red beets 2
chickpeas 250g, cooked
garlic 2 cloves, minced
tahini 65 g
sea salt 1.25 g
balsamic vinegar 15 ml
olive oil 30 ml


all purpose flour 360 g
bamboo charcoal powder 5 g
sea salt 5 g
olive oil 60 ml
water 180 ml, cold


black olives 150 g
arugula few bunches