vege pate

4 blocks — 60 minutes

Végé pâté is Quebec staple food. It's great with veggies, on crackers and in sandwiches. Purchasing it pre-made can be expensive, and not all brands are good.


A lot of végé pâté recipes call for whole wheat flour, I've made pâté with it before with great results. If you don't have oats, you can use whole wheat flour instead.


sunflower seeds 140 g
sweet potatoes 1 large, grated
carrots 1 large, grated
canola oil 30 ml
yellow onion 1
garlic 3 cloves
rolled oats 60 g
soy sauce 45 ml
lemon juice 5 ml
thyme 5 g
oregano 5 g
water 80 ml
black pepper to taste
nutritional yeast 15 g