buckwheat dumplings

2 servings — 30 minutes

A recipe for the March 2021 Merveilles Cooking Jam.

Our default buckwheat recipes include Buckwheat Tea and Soba. We like making soba, but it is a long, and messy process. Buckwheat is difficult to work with, especially if the aim is to make 100% soba (most are cut with wheat flour). So this recipe is a way to eat more buckwheat in our diet without defaulting to soba.


Buckwheat: It is possible to use pre-ground flour, I just like to grind my own because it keeps longer as groats. If buying flour, you'll notice a darker and lighter variety, using either is fine. The darker variety has the hull mixed in, and the lighter version doesn't. Hulled buckwheat has more nutrients.

Tomato: tomato paste is a concentrate, it is useful on a boat as it helps save space (instead of carrying larger cans). When using tomato paste, use it with equal parts water. If using whole tomatoes from a can, be sure to crush the tomatoes to help release its juices, and don't add extra water. The cooking time might be longer to help reduce and thicken the liquid. Using fresh tomatoes is another obvious option. Cut, and crush them with a fork in the pan when cooking.


buckwheat groats1 cup
salt2.5 g
water300 ml
olive oil30 ml


yellow onion1, small
garlic2 cloves
olive oil15 ml
tomato paste90 g
water120 ml
salt1.25 g
black pepper1.25 g